legion s1, monsters, mind control kink, thirst, injury grossness and abuse mentions 

Considering using the hotness of Aubrey Plaza's appearances in season 1 of Legion to measure if someone's on the same wavelength as me

Think she's hot? Sure

Think she's hot when she's being erratic, impulsive and domineering? Cool, that works

Think she's hot when it turns out she's a psychic alien mind parasite? Great, we're getting close.

Think she's hot when she's mind controlling and gaslighting people in a therapist turtleneck and glasses? Now we're talkin

Think she's hot when she's dressed up as a silent movie protagonist with wild hair, gleefully threatening to murder people? Yeah, that's the good shit

Think she's hot when she's visibly injured, slimy enough to stick to the floor and rapidly shifting between Aubrey Plaza and her character's true monstrous form? We are the same

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