gender neutral royal titles 

Obviously I'm all in on 'Princet' for removing gender from Prince/Princess

I think 'Crown' on its own works pretty well for a King/Queen analog, it doesn't need much explaining, and lines up with the hard c/k -> long vowel -> n pattern. Otherwise there's plenty of adjacent terms to go with

d/s kink ish 

Stuffy spoiled princet has a chance encounter with a handsome rebel who isn't afraid to put the princet in their place, winds up secretly dating them, embracing a better, more compassionate self, and working to aid the rebellion against the crown from the inside

gender neutral royal titles, d/s kink 

Calling a sub 'pretty princet' 🤩

gender neutral royal titles 

@HabitEXE Also, there's an honorific I really like that's used for like, mayors, some other government positions:

Your Worship (or his/her/their/etc...)

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