kink chat software thoughts 

Been wondering about what chat software that's more suitable for kink spaces might look like, I might do a little thread of long posts about that

kink chat software thoughts, thread of long posts 

So the spaces that users have access to are like Discord servers in that each space would be joined by users who have access to a list of channels

But unlike that there are two different kinds of spaces; 'homes' and 'parks'

They work basically the same way in terms of channels, permissions, etc. but homes are linked to individual accounts (you can have more than one home, which is not a sentence I say very often) and only that account can invite people to it.

Parks can change hands, and act more like public spaces. They may have creators, but they don't have a fixed, permanent owner like a home does. This isn't to say they're all publicly viewable servers anyone can join - they can be invite-only and unlisted and stuff - but you can set it up so that more than just the original creator can invite people.

I think a lot of folks want a space that's just for them and their friends, but a group DM lacks a lot of the features and structure that you get out of like, a proper space. Group DMs are built out of contextualizing private chat as one-on-one, which isn't super helpful imo

Beyond that I think individual hosts (whoever is hosting the chat software) would be able to set defaults / requirements for homes and parks separately. I.E. 'your park must meet these conditions in order to be listed on the public list of spaces'

The difference is mostly conceptual, but important, I think. This way, people who want the structure of other digital spaces in a private, personal context, without the work of building a community, have a quick and easy way to do that, while people making open spaces are more explicitly encouraged to think about how their space should handle strangers (relative to themselves, and their users)

kink chat software thoughts, thread of long posts 

One of the main ways that homes and parks would be different by default is how they handle content warnings

I think it's really admirable that people do content warnings and stuff on Discord or w/ever but like, there is no structural support for that kind of thing whatsoever, and I think this hypothetical kink chat platform could really stand to make that a more central part of the philosophy

So, you're typing out a message and it has something you want to put a content warning on. Next to the post button, you can click a CW button that brings up a lil text box. You can type whatever you want in here, and the message is hidden underneath the content warning. Easy

But! In addition to being able to type whatever you want, the space can be set up to give you a list of recommended CWs, and you can also have your own account-based list. You can just click those and it'll add it to the list of CWs.

I think there's a lot of room to do cool stuff with that? Like, you could give users the option to add recommended CWs to the space's list, or to submit them for approval. If someone's typed a word that matches one of the recommended CWs, clicking on it could add it as a CW.

People could keep lists of recommended CWs open during voice chat, or like, have a personal list that they can import between spaces. Hosts can provide preset lists that must be observed for parks on their instance, but not on homes.

Idk, in general just having that structure of having a 'thing that shows up before the post' is really useful for a bunch of different reasons, and I think having that on here is a vast improvement over the experience of twitter. I think it would be neat to implement that more thoroughly in chat software

kink chat software thoughts, thread of long posts, non-plural person kinda talking about plural stuff, input welcome 

Accounts would probably work differently? First of all, profiles are comin back, that's mandatory 😄 But more importantly, accounts would be distinct from identities.

Like, let's imagine that public-facing info is just a display pic, name, and bio for now. You can just have all those set to one thing, and have a single identity that you use for everything, and things basically work no differently to most websites

However, the same account could also have multiple identities, with different pics, names, bios, etc. When writing a message, you can switch between saved identities, or between names / pics, or just enter a new name for an individual message without saving any info

You could have hotkeys for picking specific identities / parts thereof when you start writing a message, etc. The user list could also list multiple identities attached to the same account simultaneously. Idk, there's lots of stuff that could be useful.

Some things probably are going to need to be attached to accounts? Moderation, security stuff in general, and things for convenience like CW lists, but I think going into it with the notion of separating that purely functional stuff from personal expression could work

I think plural users, roleplayers, and people figuring out self-expression would probably benefit a lot, so I haven't really thought that hard about this since I'm none of those 😄 But I think opening this kind of thing up to more user control is generally a good idea

Idk! I know some folks who've expressed a desire for things like this before, so while I absolutely do not have the ability to ever make this a thing, it'd be cool to know how this interpretation would work out for you, or what you'd do differently

kink chat software thoughts, thread of long posts 

@HabitEXE .hg @ has a blog post about this stuff!


kink chat software thoughts, thread of long posts 

@moonbolt This is great, thankyou for linking 😄

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