hypno kink 

Parallel universe where recreational hypnosis is normal and popular, and people take each other on trance dates to their favorite quiet, secluded spots to show each other location-specific induction techniques

The corner of a park near a quiet stream, where the rushing water is loud enough to drown out the city noise after it rains

A rooftop that, if the subject is looking in the right direction from the right position, frames the skyline around the hypnotist to draw the eyes to them

An alleyway, covered in graffiti spirals, tagged with 'sleep' and 'drop', where the walls in a specific spot make the hypnotists voice seem to echo endlessly

hypno kink 

Ugh trance dates are such a cute idea

Meeting up somewhere quiet and a little out of the way just to chat and get to know someone, then trading inductions with each other and chatting about *that*

Promising to meet up somewhere more quiet and further out of the way next time 👀

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