hypno kink education idea, long 

I was talkin about my hypno guide idea with some folks and the point was raised that maybe the "ideal" hypno resource is exposing people to like, a diverse set of opinions and approaches

Maybe a collection of like, different hypnotists writing 'here's what I'm going for when I do an induction', or subjects writing 'here's what trance / suggestion / etc. feels like for me'

Sorta like a sample platter for beginners to like, see if they vibe with anything in particular as a general Thing To Feel

Not so much an instruction booklet as a catalogue, I guess 🤔🤔🤔

Avoiding the idea that there is one correct way to do hypnosis, avoiding exclusive exposure to a single way to do hypnosis purely because that what happens to be available and digestible, etc.

Would be quite a project, but I could see it workin out

hypno kink education idea 

I hear this is sort of thing is what folks call a 'zine' 🤔

hypno kink education idea, long 

@HabitEXE I've definitely read at least one (therapy-oriented) hypno book structured this way. each chapter was from a different hypnotist talking about their approach.

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