hypno kink, induction idea, long 

The subject is standing alone in a field, grass at their feet, clear air blowing across their skin, with a clear night sky above them. The moon hangs low in the sky, bright and perfectly round. They watch it drift closer, until it waits directly above them, filling their vision

Then, slowly, they feel the sensation of being lifted from the earth. Just a gentle pull, but as it starts to exceed the earth's gravity, they start to rise, the faint tickle of grass left behind as they float above the treetops, towards the celestial object, that only grows larger

The features of the earth disappear as they watch, until there's nothing but a blue circle behind them, a white one in front, and the endless starry void on all sides. The sensations of rising fades away to nothing; stillness, even as they move closer and closer to the moon.

As the distance grows shorter, 'rising' starts to feel like 'falling', and they drift towards the surface. There's a sense of acceleration, but without air resistance it's hard to tell. The cratered surface comes into more detail, and they can see their hypnotist, standing on the surface.

The sight causes them to slow until they only feel a gentle pull again, the hypnotist holding out their arms to finally, effortlessly catch the subject, wrapped safely in warm arms after a long journey, ready to sleep.

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