dishonored, hypno kink 

I am once again thinking about a romantic relaxing cathartic tender consensual hypno fic starring Emily Drexel Lela Kaldwin and Wyman, her partner of unspecified (and therefore non-binary) gender

dishonored, hypno kink 

Wrestling with the eternal conflict between the fact that I am probably the only person who would write this, and the fact that I will probably not write this

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dishonored, sex, hypno, bondage, monster kink 

All of Emily's powers ranked by horniness:

1) Mesmerize: Hypnotizing people with visual fixation on an ominous crystalline tear in reality, do I have to say literally anything else

2) Shadow Walk: She turns into a big shadow monster with claws that can fill tight spaces easily. We never see its form, but I find it hard to believe it's not incredibly hot

3) Doppelganger: She can temporarily make a shade of herself that can do the stuff she does. Double-teaming someone with a slightly creepier clone of herself? Fuckin great

4) Domino: Links two (or more!) people together so that they share sensations and experiences. Strap-on + partner with dick is a good fuckin combo

5) Far Reach: Brings out a little void tendril; basically just a length of rope she always has on hand. Tying people up, whipping them, pulling them in for smooches, etc.

6) Dark Vision: It's Dark Vision, I don't fuckin know. I put it at the bottom of the list for a reason

re: dishonored, sex, hypno, bondage, monster kink 

@HabitEXE darkvision: turn off the lights. you can see them but they can't see you

re: dishonored, sex, hypno, bondage, monster kink 

@Lioness Probably not moving up any ranks in the list but that's a good point

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