queer hypno kink discord promo 

Promoting the Queer Hypnosis Discord again! It's a server I admin that provides a relaxed, informative space to enjoy, discuss and share hypnosis as a kink.

We try to handle things differently from other online hypnosis spaces;
- Structural problems or changes are discussed openly and publicly with the community.
- Kink play is discussed with consent and safety in mind.
- No stifling gender / kink role assignment; exploration and expression are encouraged.
- We've got conversation-starting matchmaking channels, for people looking to meet new play partners.

Everyone's welcome to join, whether they wanna get involved or just lurk.


queer hypno kink discord promo 

@HabitEXE It's saying that that invite link "is invalid or has expired"


queer hypno kink discord promo 

@IsabelleHellraiser That's super weird, try this one? discord.gg/GcXv6s6A

queer hypno kink discord promo 

@HabitEXE yup! That worked

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A Mastodon instance for the hypnosis community; 18+, queer, and getting very sleepy.