hypno kink, exhibitionism, online spaces 

Been idly wondering what an open online space built for public hypnosis play would need to look like for me to be comfortable using it, and I'm kind of suspecting that my take on something like that is something people into public play would find boring 🤔


hypno kink, exhibitionism, online spaces 

Describing it properly would take a lot more typing but basically:

- All public play needs to be scheduled some amount of time in advance; there is only one 'stage'
- Scheduling has to include the availability (not necessarily the attendance) of a mod
- Descriptions of each scene are viewed before spectators can see them; deviating from that description is reportable
- Folks running the scene have full control over the extent to which spectators can talk
- Spectators trying to involve themselves in a scene (including going into trance from things that aren't directed at them) without consent from all parties is reportable
- Some method of addressing the whole 'hypnotist 'claims' a bunch of subs and publicly indulges in that dynamic to an extent that stifles everyone else's play' thing that has plagued every online hypno kink space since the beginning of time

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