I wanna compliment some people

If we're mutuals like or reply to this with an emoji or something and I'll say something nice about you

If we're not mutuals, do the same thing and I'll (probably) follow you back


@Lioness I really like seeing your posts! You know a lot of interesting stuff and think a bunch of interesting thoughts, and share it all really well, which is somethin I admire.

Also you're very kind and have great taste in kink

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@glitchyrobo I've said it before but your art slaps and the Human Domestication Guide is v cute

We've only hung out a couple of times but I really enjoyed it, you're very pleasant to talk to

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Just add 'you have a nice voice' on the end of any of the things I post for this, you all have very nice voices

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@astralwolfwitch You have a confidence in yourselves that's like, super awesome and I really respect it. Plus I think you always have an interesting perspective on stuff we talk about

I'm really enjoying getting to know you all and I hope we get to hang out more soon!

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re: compliment 

@HabitEXE this is very sweet; we like that you see us this way.

and we're looking forward to that too <3

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@millenomi Not only does all the worldbuilding stuff you post fuckin rule, but you're also kind enough to write cool stories with it and put them on the internet where I can read them

Also the lil bit of kink stuff I've seen from you (and from certain others, about you) gives me the impression that you really really know what you're doing with that

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