pred/prey, hypno kink, memory play 

A scene where the subject, upon waking from trance, realizes they remember flashes of things that haven't happened; being in the space they're in, having a conversation, feeling threatened and preyed on by their hypnotist, begging for mercy, submitting completely

As the scene proceeds the events of those flashes play out in front of them, until they realize that they're remembering the future of the scene. Panic sets in, and they can see their own submission getting closer and closer, any efforts to avoid it only bringing it into clearer focus.

Eventually, they realize that escape is impossible. For prey like them, submission is inevitable. They know without a doubt that it's going to happen, so why fight it?

Never mind that the memories were carefully planted by their hypnotist, who guides the conversation in the present to match. The subject doesn't need to know about that.

pred/prey, hypno kink, memory play 

@HabitEXE manipulation in kink is great. Manipulation in hypnokink? *chef kiss*

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