hypno kink 

Wonder if a hypnotist could create a fun association for their subjects by using a specific song at the start of all of the files they make 🤔

re: hypno kink, lewd // 

@HabitEXE ooh, probably~

I experimented on myself linking a specific piece of music with arousal / masturbation and it did not take long at all for that to start working

re: hypno kink, lewd // 

@Lioness @HabitEXE now I kind of want to do this with like a number's station style motif

bound collective

re: hypno kink, lewd // 

@astralwolfwitch @Lioness That's exactly what I was thinking, having a little 'begin transmission' tune to start a trance by getting the subject all spacey and attentive sounds amazing

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