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AI stuck in a computer can detect slightly elevated temperatures in your cheeks, and hear your breathing slow to a comfortable, relaxed pace, and watch your eyelids flicker shut, and analyse the way your chin drops to rest against your chest

But, it never hurts to get a confirmation from the user

-Are you in trance? Y/N-

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@HabitEXE Reminds me of how my fourth Master would ask to speak to my subconscious, and then ask if he were speaking to my subconscious, and every single time I was like HOW THE FUCK WOULD I KNOW, IT'S MY SUBCONSCIOUS

And you know, I don't think it/he? speaks English, nor any other serialized language, nor fully-formed images. But I never really explained that to him, because when something's not working as a hypnotist, you pivot, and he'd pivot.

By golly he kept trying though. I guess I should have taken the hint and gotten all dreamy sounding and said "Yyyessss... Mmmmaaaassssterrrr...". But no one ever bothered to tell me I was supposed to be playing a role, because normal people would have figured it out from context, so instead, I was honest with him.

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