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Triggers that make the subject make animal noises 😍

I think my favorite way of doing this is like, the subject feels the image / the being of the animal in question well up inside them until they literally can't hold it in and have to express it somehow, even if just for a single vocalization

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Though in general I always think it's better when suggestions encourage the subject to choose to do whatever it is they're supposed to do, like

Making someone obey is one thing, making someone decide to obey every time they're asked is another

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@HabitEXE The latter kind is literally all I'm interested in, for all the "omg I can't stop what I'm doing, what are you doing to me" stuff in porn.

And in slave #3's style of submission to me, until the repeated question across multiple sessions started nauseating me -- I tell him what I've done to him, he trances out in the middle of it and then a few minutes later asks the same fucking question again in a way that I suppose is amusing or arousing to some doms and is probably a standard aspect of the role play, but it reminds me of several terminally ill people I've loved throughout the decades who got dementia and would have endless conversation loops due to not making new memories -- and I started using his "you do love a mystery, boy" trigger to shut that shit down when I just wanted mindless AND SILENT obedience... which, if I'm honest, is whenever I haven't asked a slave to speak in the last few seconds. You don't come to me to express yourself through role play. You come to me to lose yourself, and become a thing that I enjoy using. That was all I wanted as a sub, and it's the kind of sub I want to nurture into a slave.

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