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I'm wondering if there are best practices or anything like that for the use of fantasy and narrative in files

Obviously you want to tell the listener what's going to happen, but how much can you ask them to suspend disbelief for

Like, if the hypnotist is playing a character for the entirety of the file, plus presentation, are there any issues with assuming the subject can understand that

What if the file presents a narrative involving that character (e.g. something happens to the hypnotist mid-file, but the subjects participation is limited to listening to the file)

Or a file that presents an unreal narrative which the listener is meant to experience and participate in

You can do all this stuff easy enough in a live session but idk about files 🤔

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@HabitEXE I don't know about best practices but I've heard all of these done in files, everything from "we're opening the magic book and you are <name>, our protagonist" to the hypnotist RPing a plant monster from beginning to end.

one particular juicy file I really like has, as part of the induction, a bit where you're following the witch's voice through a fae forest; she cautions you to stay close and not get lost separated… and there's two versions, one where you follow her to her house & one where you're sidetracked by her older sister imitating her voice in the forest (same VA, different characters)

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@Lioness Oh that's really neat yeah

I've been having a few fun ideas with, like, guest hypnotists, like a file being released by a hypnotist playing a recently-hacked AI giving uncharacteristic suggestions, while a second hypnotist plays the person responsible, hijacking the audio stream partway through to take over

hypno kink meta 

@HabitEXE Putting an actual narrative in audio files where something happens to the hypnotist, or creating a fantasy world for the listener to inhabit, is really creating an audio drama, or at very least what people call "ASMR" nowadays if there's no plot/conflict, just setting.

It requires some combination of acting skills on the part of the hypnotist (who's going from narrator to, uh, protagonist? midstream) and/or a soundscape. Like a real soundscape with Foley effects and such, not just music or a binaural/isochronic beat. Calling it a hypno audio file no longer does it justice at that point, imo. It's more work than writing, rehearsing and reading a script; now you're producing and directing yourself as well as doing your own audio engineering and effects if applicable.

The few I've heard with that kind of production values have impressed me immensely even if suspension of disbelief isn't really a thing for me. Still masturbated to a couple of the male ones who gave great voice and didn't get homophobic.

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