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Here's some links to other websites I use: 

Retrospring (ask me questions!):

Queer Hypnokink Discord:
Oceanic Hypnokink Discord:

There's also Twitter, but it's all the same stuff I post here:

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'Don't gender me' means: 

- Gender is a bullshit structure that hurts me and everyone I care about. Do what you want with it, I don't care, just leave me out of it.
- Don't use gendered language to talk about me. No 'boy / girl', no 'masc / femme', no 'enby', no 'agender', no gendered terms like 'mistress', absolutely nothing. You don't need to refer to a gender when you're talking about me, ever, so don't.
- 'Non-binary' and 'trans' are both technically accurate, but they're labels I associate with for pragmatic reasons, not because I identify with them or their communities.
- If you have gender preferences for things (intimacy, romance, kink, etc.) don't try to involve me in them.
- Do not fuckin test me on this

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queer hypnosis kink discord promo

Promoting the Queer Hypnosis Discord! It's a server I admin that provides a relaxed, informative space to enjoy, discuss and share hypnosis as a kink.

We try to handle things differently from other online hypnosis spaces;
- Structural problems or changes are discussed openly and publicly with the community.
- Kink play is discussed with consent and safety in mind.
- No stifling gender / kink role assignment; exploration and expression are encouraged.

Everyone's welcome to join, whether they wanna get involved or just lurk.

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original AI character ref sheet, no nudity but kinda horny 

Here's the ref sheet for Habit (the character).

praise kink goof 

Giving your GM treats for doing such a good job of running their game! Yes they did, they did so well!

ffxiv sex goof 

"G'raha sweetie I need you to take aggro, okay? I know you're thinking about getting topped later but right now I need you on top of the enmity list"

hypnosis kink, mind play, long 

Mind Play halfway thoughts

Even if the like, vile shit in here is not there in a revised edition this is still a perspective on hypnokink that I simply do not value, and do not think is that useful, especially to the beginners I talk to

An academic model of hypnosis that sorts people into 'modalities', that pushes new hypnotists into performing unearned confidence, and frankly fails to directly address or account for the importance of context, doesn't really do much to foster a healthy approach to hypnosis

Not that it's possible to really nail an accurate model of hypnosis - mind stuff is nebulous at best - but there isn't really much of an attempt here to develop one that exists outside of a very narrow sphere of what hypnokink is, one that has very little awareness of the strides made in the field by queer people in online spaces

Which isn't to say the book is useless, like, honestly? A lot of the individual pieces of advice in here are things I tell people and definitely agree with. You could definitely read Mind Play and come away with a solid basis for, like, attempting an induction - you're just going to have to immediately unlearn a bunch of the fundamental ideas it teaches you because they don't hold up outside of the context the author plays in

None of this would be a problem if we had more than one thing to show new people 🙂

hypnosis kink 

Full disclosure, I do not have the most recent edition? There's a 2022 edition that I guess I missed when I bought the copy I have, so, great

Willing to blame a combination of Amazon being an awful storefront and me not checking the edition

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hypnosis kink, blatant transphobia 

Never mind

"You have an obligation to disclose your true biological sex to the hypnotee before there is any agreement to play."

Are you fucking kidding me

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hypnosis kink 

I won't make a thread I won't make a thread i won't make a thread I won't

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hypnosis kink, ableism 

"Recreational hypnosis should only be practiced by and with consenting adults who are fundamentally in good mental health."

Yeah if it worked that way there wouldn't be anyone to read your book, so

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hypnosis kink, ableism 

Look I told myself I wasn't gonna post a bunch of bitchy criticism about Mind Play, I was gonna give it a charitable read, and that's still the plan, but like

"Anyone diagnosed with a psychological disorder should not participate in recreational or erotic hypnosis."



uninteresting hypnosis kink 

It basically boils down to like

Hypnosis is a lot like seeing a movie in a cinema, vs. watching one in your living room

The same movie is a different experience because of the way that it's presented to you, the context it's in, and the fact that the audience has made the effort to come and see it

It's hard to put into words; stuff like screen size and volume is pretty obvious, but as an experience people might say it's more 'immersive', it's more 'meaningful', even though the movie is identical

That difference is what makes hypnosis special. Anyone can just tell someone to do things - it's putting it in a deliberate and isolated context that makes it hypnotic

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uninteresting hypnosis kink 

Trying not to go too hard on the cinema analogy for this hypnosis kink guide, but I do think it's a very useful one

kink purchase 

I *know* I'm not gonna get any use out of it

Especially while I'm not subbing

And it's money I could spend on non-kink things I will actually use

So I probably won't


petplay kink 

A pretty pet all dressed up in frilly, skimpy underwear that perfectly matches their ears and tail, glaring daggers at their audience over a red-hot blush

adversarial kink 

"Fuck you!"
"What was that?"
"...f-fuck you... Matrix..."
"Much better."

switchy kink 

Switches who take a minute to straighten out their newly messy hair as part of their 'well that was fun but now it's time to fucking destroy someone' ritual

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hypnosis kink 

Subs who slump forward when they drop into trance, then have their bangs covering their eyes when they're instructed to sit back up 🤩

demons, possession kink, intimacy 

Stoic and morbid mage messes up a summoning and winds up possessed by a demon. They're glad to be alive, but much less glad to have a visitor in their body who is insatiably cuddly and affectionate - a stark contrast to their distant and detached self - and prone to taking over at inconvenient times

hypnosis kink 

The friction between 'I'm embarrassed' and 'I want this' is so delicious that honestly? It's kind of a shame to take it away with just a snap of the fingers

petplay kink 

Sad lonely pets making whiny little animal noises in an attempt to cheer themselves up, only to let out a much happier one when the right person messages them, or calls, or knocks on the door

posting meta, hypnosis kink goof 

I wake up, I make my silly little posts on my horny account, I hypnotically enthrall a subject or two, that's about it really

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posting meta 

I am glad these posts are being enjoyed in that way! I have absolutely no clue what it's like to relate to things like that, so like, please don't expect more

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