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'Don't gender me' means: 

- Gender is a bullshit structure that hurts me and everyone I care about. Do what you want with it, I don't care, just leave me out of it.
- Don't use gendered language to talk about me. No 'boy / girl', no 'masc / femme', no 'enby', no 'agender', no gendered terms like 'mistress', absolutely nothing. You don't need to refer to a gender when you're talking about me, ever, so don't.
- 'Non-binary' and 'trans' are both technically accurate, but they're labels I associate with for pragmatic reasons, not because I identify with them or their communities.
- If you have gender preferences for things (intimacy, romance, kink, etc.) don't try to involve me in them.
- Do not fuckin test me on this

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queer hypnosis kink discord promo

Promoting the Queer Hypnosis Discord! It's a server I admin that provides a relaxed, informative space to enjoy, discuss and share hypnosis as a kink.

We try to handle things differently from other online hypnosis spaces;
- Structural problems or changes are discussed openly and publicly with the community.
- Kink play is discussed with consent and safety in mind.
- No stifling gender / kink role assignment; exploration and expression are encouraged.

Everyone's welcome to join, whether they wanna get involved or just lurk.

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Here's some links to other websites I use: 

Secret extra kinky / thirsty / flirty / occasionally venty locked account: @HabitDB

Queer Hypnokink Discord:
Oceanic Hypnokink Discord:
There's also Twitter, but it's all the same stuff I post here:

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original AI character ref sheet, no nudity but kinda horny 

Here's the ref sheet for Habit (the character).

portal, tech kink 

Going over Portal dialogue for like, AI hypnotist vibes inspo and like

I forgot she was so mean 😩

Like I know that's hot but

She is very mean 😩😩😩

petplay, transformation kink 

Ostensibly temporary pet forms that really don't care about the person who was tfed into them

Pursuing pethood as rapidly as possible, ignoring any obligations or relationships that don't get them scritches, gleefully surrendering any parts of that person's life when asked (as long as it doesn't seem fun)

The person has to pick up the pieces every time they return, but it's starting to feel futile and they never claw all the way back. Being a pet is just so much easier, after all

petplay kink 

Getting somethin out if the whole idea that there are special tricks you can use to like, restrain animals without them noticing until they're secured and easy to act upon

This mostly involves wrapping them in towels so like, idk what I'm getting out of it, but it's somethin

hypnosis kink 

Very specific hypnotist fantasy: Seamless mid-induction eye contact with an observer, while leaned in and whispering into the subjects ear

kink goof 

I think we should have an international public holiday to honor the people who sell kink gear on Etsy

hypnosis kink, intimacy 

Hypnotic suggestion that the subject mirrors the sleepiness of whoever they're cuddled up with

Relaxing when they notice their partner relaxing, seeing their eyes flutter closed just before the subject's eyes do the same, thoughts emptying out when they detect that telltale change in breathing

jojo's bizarre adventure, stardust crusaders spoiler, kink goof 

The erotically charged power dynamic of overlapping your time-stop window with that of your rival so that you can briefly move while they can't, totally undermining their dominance of the situation

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hypnosis kink goof, nonconsent 

@HabitEXE β€œ<yelling>You have! To close! Your triggers!! You have to close your bloody triggers!!!”

hypnosis kink goof, nonconsent 

[Gordon Ramsay voice] "What's this... an obedience trigger. Okay. Did they ask the subject if they wanted one of those? No? Fuck me. They didn't even ask. Unbelievable."

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kink goof 

Gordon Ramsey's Consent Nightmares

snakes, kink adjacent 

Good naga tail patterns: the black-striped snake and the striped kukri snake

kink mention, meta 

I always feel weird about sharing my main account πŸ˜„ Like "hey if you like my kink posts, you might also like my infrequent opinions on video games"

kink goof, video games 

Learning that one of the primary flirting methods subs employ is *checks notes* inviting you to their Minecraft server

hypnosis kink meta goof, conservative shithead 

All Scott Adams wanted to do was give people the best new years' day ever and now he's being kinkshamed in public πŸ˜” smh πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

hypno kink community vent 

Why is the only hypno event I know about in this entire fucking country run by a fuckin cop

Where the fuck is everyone

Goddamn 😩

hypnosis kink worry 

Also it's just that my inductions are Long πŸ˜”

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hypnosis kink worry 

Hearing about like, speed trance events at cons, and meetups and stuff and it's like

I really don't feel like I can do that kind of thing, like, getting to know someone enough to be confident hypnotising them takes me a while. Like, this feels like an area I'm deficient in

I know it's not a deficiency, it's just me needing what I need, but like, I do feel like I'm missing out somewhat

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hypno kink goof, exhibitionism 

Watching people show off their subjects: 😈
Showing off subjects: 😈😈😈
Being shown off as a subject: 😳 Well I mean 😳😳😳 I'm not used to having an audience πŸ₯Ί I'd be so embarrassed and

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