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various offsite links, other places I exist online 

Here's some other websites you can find me at

Thirsty private account: @HabitDB
Queer Hypnosis Discord server:
Ask me questions:
Twitter: (though you're not gonna see anything different there)

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queer hypnosis kink discord server promo post, boosts welcome 

I help run a hypnokink Discord for queer folks. We try to do a few things differently to similar communities, with a focus on:
- Safety; for our users, and how we discuss play
- Democracy; we discuss all structural changes publicly
- Comfort; get involved at your own pace
- Expression; we want you to have space to be yourself

We talk shop a lot, so it's great for beginners. If you're interested, check it out;

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small interaction guide 

Here's a rundown on how I feel about, like, flirts and interaction stuff:

- DMs are great and v open if you just wanna talk, though I'm more comfortable with live chat and best with voice
- Flirty replies are cool, I post about plenty of fun stuff, but I'm not at great at directly flirting back
- I'm not big into casual RP right now, sorry.
- I'm... interested in doing more hypnosis with people. I'll be a lot more comfortable discussing that if we've talked before.

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original AI character ref sheet, no nudity but kinda horny 

Here's the ref sheet for Habit (the character).

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hypno kink 

@HabitEXE like challenge format?
> agent provides initial phrase, something innocuous in context, doesn't require exact wording
> subject gives challenge response, something specific and unusual, but not obviously a challenge to outsiders
> agent supplies trigger phrase in response to challenge
> hacker voice i'm in

if the subject fails or declines to provide the challenge, then they won't be in the correct state to accept the trigger phrase

hypno kink 

Been wondering about open triggers lately

Obviously having a trigger people can use on a subject who is a total stranger to them, without intending to, is very bad form, but maybe there's ways to avoid that

Like, phrasing the trigger as a question, and requiring confirmation from the subject before any effect happens, or something

hypno kink, intimacy 

A subject wakes up in the arms of their hypnotist, lifts their head, and doesn't even manage to say 'good morning' before the still sleepy hypnotist puts the subject into trance, pulling their still, quiet form back into a drowsy cuddle

hypno kink, identity play, horny game design, literally just posting ideas for this game now 

Encourage the player to put in their details, like, name, hair color, etc, then no matter what they enter, make their character a blonde named Bunny

Save the info and use it for like, noticing a different color in the roots of their hair, or someone from their previous life uses their old name

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hypno kink, horny game design, long and rambling, specific idea to demonstrate 

While I'm here the whole tendency for people who've got a bit of experience with games to, like, almost immediately get accustomed to the limited actions they have available to them could be an incredibly horny thing to play around with

Have a game where the player starts out as a slutty bunny server, all of the things they can do are slutty bunny server things, then start introducing actions that involve resisting or rejecting that persona, seemingly out of nowhere

The reveal is that the player frequently undergoes mental conditioning to induce amnesia and reinforce their persona, only it's started wearing off

However, by the time that happens, the player is already accustomed to playing the game in that persona, like, that's what everything's built around, they've gotten used to it so quickly that their behavior within this space reflects that of a slutty bunny server who's undergone years of mental conditioning, because until now that's what they understood the limitations of this space to be

You're like, teaching people that they're limited to making decisions that suit their character's slutty bunny server persona, getting them used to it, and *then* opening the game up to other options, after they've already learned how to be a slutty bunny server, and don't know how to be anything else

Like whether or not you bother to point out to the player that that's what's happening to them (which would make for delectably horny meta-narrative), if they're invested then they're not going to be able to deny the fact that they instantly got used to the idea of filling that role

Which is just, like, completely fuckin sick, as a concept

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hypno kink, horny game design, long and rambling 

If you want your player to feel like they're failing to resist something, you probably want to give resistance the appearance of being a conceivable, but impossible action

People who are accustomed to video games generally don't even consider the possibility of doing a thing in a game if it's not explicitly shown or implied (usually the implication is 'being able to do x would solve this problem that my other actions seemingly cannot'), so if you want them to think they can, regardless of whether you want them to actually do it or not, it helps to put it in the game as an action, even if you don't intend for them to ever actually do it

So, in the above case, including the action of resistance in the form of the first dialogue option means that now the player is aware that resistance is a thing that exists in this scenario, where they otherwise might not have been, regardless of whether or not it was obvious in the narrative. Instead of just assuming that the video game is only giving them a single option, now they feel like their character does not have the capacity to perform the action of resisting.

If you want resistance to be impossible, for whatever reason, you can take that away in other ways. The above case gates it behind a relatively unlikely skill check (my Tyranny character was a huge nerd so they could pass it), but you can do whatever you want, even just graying the button out without a mechanical justification.

Like, the main thing is that I feel like a necessary component of kinky stuff where someone is being compelled to obey is the fact that it is a compulsion that they would not normally feel, and you need to reflect that deliberately, otherwise people who are used to playing video games won't see it as a restriction, they'll just see it as the normal space for interaction within that video game

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hypno kink, goof, horny game design 

Being unable to select the visible 'resist mind control' option cause your character doesn't have the stats to be aware that it's even happening is Good Actually

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hypno kink, goof 

Maybe you'll all finally play Tyranny if I tell you there's mind control in it

personal demon/angel kink lore, long 

Been really enjoying the idea that summoning a demon/angel and getting them to do stuff for you is like, based on non-binding agreements

A summoning circle is not a containment field, it's a way to communicate very generally what the summoner would like, and what they're offering, to entice demons/angels into appearing and negotiating the arrangement in more detail. Demons/angels can leave whenever they want, and if anyone's summoning them they should probably have some idea of how to dispel them and send them back to wherever they came from, so nobody's particularly bound to anything (unless they want to be 🤔 )

Summoning circles for demons are typically more elaborate, since they tend to enjoy finding ways to satisfy their own desires, while remaining within the confines of any contracts they make. They'll usually feature things like 'no violence', 'no curses', 'please maintain a form with at most this amount of teeth'. Demons are often easier to make agreements with, since they're typically very willing to be open about what they want, and have developed a good understanding of what it is they can get from summoners

Angels' summoning circles can be kept relatively simple; they are usually willing to meet the summoner halfway and follow through with the intent of the arrangement, without having to be bound by a series of restrictive clauses. Getting them to take part at all, though, is extremely dependent on catching their interest, and as beings that are far less subject to doing things on a whim, this can be challenging for people who aren't fortunate enough to already have an angel's attention. Offers will most likely have to be made with an idea of what the angel wants in advance.

personal demon kink lore, d/s 

Most summoning circles are laid out with a material that can be edited, in order to ensure that the bargain that demon and summoner are making can be adjusted to match negotiations

For a real power move, though, consider etching the circle into the thick metal collar you summon the demon into, to make it clear exactly what your terms are

hypno kink 

Like, the subject trusts the hypnotist enough to guide their perceptions of themselves, their surroundings, their situation

They trust the hypnotist more than their own senses or thoughts

That's cool as shit

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hypno kink 

A question I get a bit about hypnosis after explaining that it's subject-driven is usually something like 'why is it associated with mind control?', or 'where's the fun if the subject isn't actually under control?'

I guess if you go into it exclusively wanting to control a mind / have yours controlled, it'd be disappointing to hear but like

I think it's nice that it's voluntary? Knowing that the subject is like, actively consenting and stuff makes it more fun, to me, idk

tech kink, terrible terrible goof 

Robot person porn video, but it's filmed and presented in the style of Linus Tech Tips

vampire, fighting game character design, webm 

She takes silver 'blood damage' when she uses her special moves, and this move is how she gets it back, which is, like, a cool as hell concept, gamewise, but also the animation is really dope for a game like this

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vampire, fighting game character design 

Mira from the Killer Instinct reboot is one of the few women in a fighting game who isn't, like, designed in a way that makes me angry

Not because her outfit makes practical sense (it doesn't), but because it's the same kind of cool that the rest of the game is trying to be, instead of just obnoxiously horny

Also she has one of the sickest command grabs I have ever seen, I'll try and find a gif

'not a person' kink meta 

Also important is, like, I don't use 'person' to mean 'human'? Like, personhood is more about respect and autonomy and dignity and stuff, so while 'dehumanization' is, like, a term with the general feel of what I'm tryin to get at, it's entirely independent from humanity

'Depersonalization' is a different thing, I think


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petplay, 'not a person' kink meta 

Petplay is 'person takes care of not-person' but I don't have much of an idea for what to call, like, kink that deals with a general lack of personhood? Degradation would be my first thought, but that implies:

- The not-person was, at some stage, a person
- Being a not-person is met with negativity

And I think there's a little more room to maneuver in whatever tf this kink is than that

Might be overthinking it 🤔

degradation ish?, non-con, 'not a person' kink 

A curse that prevents the target from ever being seen as a person again

None of the people they encounter will be able to respect their autonomy, or see them as an independent, sapient, being. Loved ones will coddle and control them, and strangers will simply take what they want; if they find the target of the curse sufficiently cute, they might just pick them up and take them home. Not as a partner, of course, more of a pet.

weird coincidences in horny spaces 

Anyway the person who outed me to everyone in my computer course is now an 'it' pronouns trans girl who RTs dronekink and is writing an RPG, so, like

Good for it

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