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Ask me about my main account 

Hit this post with a like and I'll DM you my main account

Ask me about my main account 

Hit this post with a like and I'll DM you my main account

Approaches I Like 

I’d recommend keeping it vanilla to start with, but here’s some ways I like being treated for intimate stuff, so if any of these sound like you… hello.

Nice, gentle, cuddly
Nice but shushing and controlling
Nice but also heavy mind control
Caring petplay
Firm, disciplined petplay
Chatty seductive hypnosis
Playful experimental hypnosis
Very dommy hypnosis
Brain hacky hypnosis
I’m an AI
I’m bun and/or cow

Also, good spots to touch:
Hair / head / etc. (!) , stomach, chest, neck

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Light RP isn’t something I easily get into with someone new, I get self-conscious, but if I’m more comfortable around you then it works. Part of it is I’m rarely comfy ‘playing’ myself online, but maybe that’s something you can help with (and I do have self-inserty OCs). Giving me a persistent hypnotic suggestion to feel light RP stuff with you is a great idea, imo. If you want to do somethin more high-effort, I’m open to talking about it, and usually have fun kinky ideas I can collaborate on

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I think hypnosis is one of the better ways to get intimately involved with me, especially online. I have a lot of experience, so I don’t think I’m too difficult to work with, and I like starting small and taking things slow, so I think offering a simple trance is a great way to approach me for this. If you’re new to hypnotizing people, I think you’ll find me very good to learn with? My interest is very very broad so I’m sure we’ll be able to find things we both like messing with.

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Flirty replies are welcome; you might want to DM me the saucy ones? I really like being flirted with, tho my reaction is mostly either coy diversion or getting non-functional. I get very blushy and stammery, and have trouble responding well (using a lot of words to not say much). If you want someone to confidently trade banter with, I will struggle. This is especially true for dommy flirting, so if you’re not going for non-verbal flustered Habit, maybe keep it gentle. If you are… hello.

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If you just wanna like, hang out in voice/text chat and talk about stuff, I’d really love that. Put me in your Discord server, DM me, come hang out and play viddy games. I’m pretty good at turning ‘hey’ into a conversation, so you can just start with that.

We can also talk about kinks? This’ll help a lot if you wanna get into kinky flirting. I kinda talk about em in a very detached, clinical sense when it’s just like, conversing. Hypnosis is probably the kink I can talk the most about.

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Habit Quickstart Guide 

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Hey, here's a thread of tips for getting flirty/more than flirty with me.


- If I’m uncomfortable or not okay with something, I will absolutely tell you. I’m very good at this.

- Voice chat is my preferred way to interact. Hearing people’s voices is great and I feel like I’m not very expressive in text.

- Be yourself? If you’re following this account you’re cool, so don't feel like you have to do these things. Friendship has no hard rules.


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