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Ran a twitter poll a few weeks ago to decide what was hypnotizing Katie. Fancy tech won so fancy tech she gets!

hypno kink 

If you're gonna control her. At least make it interesting theatrically

Library Of Ruina themed Erika X Evilka pic. Binah has similar hair to Evilka. Making her Eviler-ka I guess? Evilest-ka?

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they put a christmas sweater on the t-rex at the national history museum in london and it's ridiculous and adorable

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i wanna make my mark before hypnovember is over ' ~ '

hello Mastodon !!!

Hypno animation 

VNettles looking like she requires a quick update

VNettles is Nettleseeds_Art's OC

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Some more Katie. This time with extra milk

Here's a blast from the past. Erika wrote a blog post about one of the first pics I ever uploaded to the internet. Along with some backstory about Evilka and how I met Eri


hypno kink, bottomless 

Katie tries on some very unsuspicious bunny ears. What happens next will shock her!

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With the bird site falling apart let's try this Mastodon thing. Starting this account with one pic I'm very proud of


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