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sfw art hotness appreciation 

Today on 'Unexpectedly Attractive Characters', the people on the cards for the new edition of High Society

kink honorifics 

I like '-et' for neutral stuff, like 'princet' or 'sorceret', so that'd be like 'mistret' or something?

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kink honorifics 

Thinking about 'Mxtress'

I'm a dumbass but I thought the '-ess' part was the bit that indicated it's a feminine term, why isn't that the part we're changing?

dark souls, nsfw 

Tryin to find a gif of this one grab animation that Kalameet from Dark Souls uses to show off how horny it is

promare, vaguely thirsty 

Lio Fotia's sitting stance but on top of me

New avatar works much better on here than on twitter, of course

hypno, nsfw, tf 

Extra good when coupled with relevant physical transformations

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hypno, nsfw 

I know a lot is made out of making someone outwardly more slutty or w/ever but I think there's something Really Awesome about being unchanged until your dom wants you to be who you *really* are, revealing the secret, mindless part of yourself that is totally devoted to their entertainment and pleasure, the part that they have total control over

Hypnosis, Twitter, heterosexuals 

The hets are flirting in my replies 😔

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I asked this on twitter and got recommended straight men

Save me

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Kind of a long shot but does anyone know about any hypnosis files that are like, reactive? Or at least feel that way

I'm kinda out of luck wrt hypnotists at the moment but most files have this canned vibe that makes me not very interested

tech kink, jokes that only exist for me 

Programming your bunny's code down to its smallest unit of information

Call that a rab-bit

tech kink mention 

Followers who know things about computers; what's a good source for terminology that would suit naming an AI oc type of deal

D/s kink 

“Vibe check.”

“mmmnh, still buzzing M-Mistress!”

nsfw mention 

These days I feel like my gender only exists for either horny or clerical reasons

Anyone know any games with character creators I can use to make cute guys?

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