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kink ref 

Thought about doing kink bingo but if I have to start listing more than the most obvious kinks I have we're gonna get to the embarrassing stuff real quick

petplay ref, bad joke 

I don't see what makes the Beach Boys so special, I can make pet sounds too

nsfw, ways to have sex with a disembodied AI #2 

Taking nudes and having your AI assistant render itself over the top of them

Snap a dick pic, and check it later to see its lips wrapped around you, glancing up into the camera

nsfw, ways to have sex with a disembodied AI #1 

Instructing the AI assistant in your phone to find porn it likes for you to get off to, while it watches via the camera

Maybe it's encouraged to provide the visuals by rendering its own image in similarly explicit situations

thirsty hypno post 

Obviously voice / in person is great for hypnosis but doing it via text has somethin that the others don't, I think

Maybe it's just having a text log as some kind of insight into what you're like when you're hypnotised, or something about staring at a screen and waiting for instructions, idk

kink goof 

Joining my local chapter of the increasingly popular Submissives, Slaves, Pets and Subjects Union

slightly nsfw 

Today's mood: gentle, hypnotic groping

kink mention, sfw image 

When all your followers are into drone kink

tech kink 

Me trying to figure out how I can be a disembodied AI on a computer and still have sex

tech kink, d/s, goofposting 

Regular brain: People love difficult computer subs now, the bratty robot thing is getting big, this is your chance to lean into that and find someone wh-
Kink brain: What if I did things somebody told me to do

My bf got a job that covers both of us pretty well so I guess I'm a housewife now 🤷


Sometimes all you really need someone to tell you what to do

vague hypno ref 

In the mood to *checks notes* drowsily ask questions about what's going on, only to be told that it doesn't matter and I should stop thinking so hard

aliens, tentacles, references to Arkane Studios' Prey (2017) which you should play 

The Typhon aliens from Arkane's Prey are;
- Kind of formless
- Tentacley
- Goopy and black
- Malevolent

And consequently;
- Big sexy

I don't make the rules

hacker introduction scene but it's queer kinky people or something idk 

"This is Switch"
"Drone #7162"
"And this is TF Bait"

the three basic tf conflicts:
man vs fur
man vs magical jerk
man vs self but a girl

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