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thirsty hypno post 

kink goof 

slightly nsfw 

kink mention, sfw image 

tech kink 

tech kink, d/s, goofposting 

My bf got a job that covers both of us pretty well so I guess I'm a housewife now 🤷


vague hypno ref 

aliens, tentacles, references to Arkane Studios' Prey (2017) which you should play 

hacker introduction scene but it's queer kinky people or something idk 

the three basic tf conflicts:
man vs fur
man vs magical jerk
man vs self but a girl

complaining about a kink fic thing 

superhero kink(?) 

superhero kink(?) 

superhero kink(?) 

Cyberpunk 2077 queer drama, transphobia 

Cyberpunk 2077 queer drama, transphobia 

I also run a queer hypnosis kink Discord server, if you want something live instead. It's pretty chill, and there's a bot for entering your pronouns. Anyone 18+ is welcome

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