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Being in a harem seems like an easy ride, all you gotta do is be one of the people lounging in the background contributing to the aesthetic, who says you ever have to do anything

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Me: Yknow it's been a while, maybe I should finally make a more explicitly kinky avatar to use around places, like the Jotaro hat rabbit is cool but maybe a little weird if you

The part of my brain that is physically unable to do anything but think about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: hehe bunny wear ora ora hat

When you think about it owning a bunch of different computers is a lot like owning a harem πŸ€”

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Also this character's name is one letter off of mine, Nintendo is deliberately calling me out

me: i don't quite get gacha games, they don't seem like a whole lot of fun to play
Dragalia Lost: [pictured]
me: Ah

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Watching hbomb do a DK64 donation drive stream for that English trans support charity and one of the hypno/drone kink twitter people I follow is on the voice chat promo-ing her kink twitter

I'm losing my mind

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