As of yesterday, this instance is rejecting media files from and

Basically, we are getting flooded with gigabytes of (typically stolen) porn from bots using these instances. It's not remotely possible for me to monitor the files (even if I wanted to), so the best available option I have to make sure nothing undesirable ends up on my server is to reject media files from what are by far the two biggest offenders.

If you follow accounts from these instances, you can still view the media files, either by clicking the image in the browser, or by opening the toot directly.

I'm open to finding another solution for this problem, especially ones that target the porn spam bots more specifically. If you have any concerns or suggestions, please let me know.

Okay I know we just had some nonsense a few weeks ago but it's time for more πŸ‘πŸ‘

Gonna upgrade to the current version amd move the server to new hardware. I don't think the new hardware will provide any particular benefits for users, but it will be much quieter, so I'm doing it

Expect a lil bit of downtime and stuff later today, probably not lasting more than a couple of hours

Okay, should be fixed πŸ‘ Let me know if anything seems to be not working still

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Images are a lil bit broken 😩 For now you can view them in the browser by clicking on them, which should link you to the image as hosted on the instance it came from. I'll try and work out what's going on there today.

Hey all! Internet's causing problems here at the moment. Might take a couple of days to get everything stable again, but we should be functional until then. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We'll be having a little downtime about 32 hours from now. Couple of hours, maximum, definitely should be less.

@psycho_vaiva I agree that the distinction between things that are okay to repost and things that aren't is kinda arbitrary, which isn't great, and I do think that creating something shouldn't necessarily mean controlling the context that it's used in, but like

As much as that's an ideal I hold, we are part of a broader online community, and I think there's certain expectations we should try and meet. Whether or not I think an artist should be okay with having their art reposted, I don't think it's safe to assume they are, and I think it's important to respect that. Moreso for sensitive images of someone's actual real body, especially in a context where those kinds of things can be seriously abused.

I think in this case, respecting the wishes of people whose efforts we benefit from is more important than trying to uphold and push principles that they don't agree with

I'm really not sure what point you're trying to make wrt psychology.

@psycho_vaiva I don't particularly agree that the ability to download something is a useful metric here, but the rule here has more to do with things like stolen nudes, art reposting, etc.

If you're still actively using the Triggerphrase instance, maybe hit this with a fav? I'm not aware of anyone else who is, tbh πŸ˜„

If you're still actively using the Triggerphrase instance, maybe hit this with a fav? I'm not aware of anyone else who is, tbh πŸ˜„

I've updated the rules again. There's a new rule on harassment, which boils down to 'respect people who don't want to talk to you', and these things are now explicitly included in banned content:

- Depicting children for sex or kink purposes.
- Nazi bullshit.
- Content shared without the consent of the creator.

Obviously the first two were never permitted, but the third is an issue that's bugged me lately in other hypnosis spaces, and has happened here once before.

Nothing's happened locally to warrant these changes, I've just been looking at other Mastodon instances' rules to see where ours are lacking. As always, let me know if there's any issues.

triggerphrase maintenance stuff 

Apologies for all the weird downtime, my bf is attempting to switch the server from the Debian I had it on to Ubuntu, and it is going very poorly. I'm currently feeling the kind of validation that I imagine drives people to argue about Linux on the internet.

On the plus side, I finally got the raised character limit working on mobile. I'm not sure what apps it'll work on, so let me know if it doesn't on yours, and I'll see what I can do

triggerphrase maintenance stuff 

Bf wants to upgrade the server. We'll be shuffling things around and stuff so this instance will be down for a bit later today. As always, shouldn't take too long

@drowsydawg That would be very cool, unfortunately there isn't a way to do that that I'm aware of. I remember hearing something about an instance that automarked all public posts with a specific cw, but I don't know if it was on a per user basis or not. I'll see if I can do anything to make content warnings easier

Hey all, I've updated our policy on content warnings on posts. You're now required to use content warnings for posts that include sex, kink, genitals, or common phobias, as well as any images that may cause photosensitivty concerns. For the full text of the new rule, click 'Show More'. 

Mastodon has a built-in content warning feature. When making a post, you can click the 'CW' button to add a few words that will be shown before someone sees at your post. If your posts are going to be on the local or federated timelines ('public' posts), they'll be seen in places where kinky or sexual content might not be expected. Content warnings allow your posts to be visible across the fediverse, without causing discomfort for people who don't want to see the topics you're posting about.

There is no 'best practice' for putting content warnings on posts, so it's good etiquette to consider requests from people who'd like to follow you. However, on this instance, there are a couple of things you're required to include in content warnings, if you're posting about them:

- A 'kink' CW for any kink content. You may want to be more specific, e.g. 'hypno kink' for posts about hypnosis kink, or 'bondage, d/s kink'.
- 'sex' for any content involving the act of sex, or 'genitals' for depictions or descriptions thereof.
- Flashing images (like spirals) that may cause problems for people with 'photosensitivity' issues.
- Common phobias like 'snakes' or 'spiders'.

If you're unsure of whether or not a post needs a content warning, being cautious and including a couple of words that touch on the major points is usually a safe bet.

triggerphrase instance stuff 

Relatedly, I'm probably going to give our rules another pass, specifically to encourage people to put content warnings on their posts. There haven't been any issues yet, but posts from here are getting around, and I think it would be a good thing to encourage.

hypnoguys mastodon instance 

Hey all, @HairyHypnotist and co. have set up a new instance at , that's more suitable and better federated for their needs. If you're more exclusively interested in the intersection of hypnosis and masculinity, you should take a look.

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