Shoutout to the spam bot account thing that just signed up on this instance using a picture of Fiona from Shrek

tech kink goof, clean image 

Getting ready to top a tech kinky sub like

Netflix Castlevania, pretty vampire ladies 

Council of Sisters... hello

Netflix Castlevania S2E3 slight spoilery, vampires, blood, violence, d/s, very non-con, got some screencaps 

Mostly bloodless screencaps that don't do the whole sequence justice but god damn

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drone kink, goof, sfw image 

Twitter I don't think that means the same thing to me that it does to you

birdsite screenshot 

I think Twitter is trying to tell me something about what it thinks I'm into

hypno, tech kink, ocs, birdsite links 

MJ over on birdsite drew Habit with their android, Sol. Seems like the two of them are suddenly getting along a lot better 🤔

OP link:
Follow MJ if you use twitter, they're one of my favorite hypno artists:

dark souls 2, risque image? 

Any fantasy RPG that's going to make me do gender should also at least let me do this to the boys

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vague kink goof, sfw video 

Me @ myself when I'm about to log into a website I left and don't like, just to see if I can get some play out of it

kink ment, goof 

Tag yourself

Alternate joke: Tech kink writing prompts

petplay ish 

I've given it some thought and Maltesers are probably the best candy option available for 'pet treats'

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