demon/angel kink idea 

Demon vs angel kink stuff, but rather than the dull evil / good binary, they oppose each other in whether they are selfish or selfless in bed

Demons focus on their own pleasure, using partners to get off and possibly not even returning the favor. They're often wild and inconsiderate in bed, acting on hedonistic impulse.

Angels, conversely, focus on their partners, enjoying making them squirm and moan. They can be quite disciplined, but do like sex, and are very caring

demon/angel kink idea, sex 

It varies in degrees, and it's not as though they're required to do one or the other, but;

Sex with a demon is often great; if it's something they're interested in, they'll know a lot of things, but it's geared towards them, and their preferences. It'll be great, but you might not feel... present.

With an angel, it'll be harder to find someone dedicated to sex, but if they are... their full attention would get overwhellming if they weren't watching you so closely.

demon/angel kink idea, corruption/purification, sex 

Theoretically, sex between a demon and an angel would be great. It usually is... once. They're usually extremely unused to each others' approach, and post-coital bickering often turns into ideological critique. They simply don't understand each other. So... they attempt to convince each other. Convert each other.

The process of purifying or corrupting someone is less about morality and more about showing each other a different perspective


demon/angel kink idea, corruption/purification, sex 

'Corruption' isn't about uncharacteristic sin, it's about teaching someone how to embrace sensation, and lose themselves in the moment. Stripping away that angelic discipline and concern in favor of raw feeling and action.

'Purification', on the other hand, teaches unruly humans and demons about the pleasure that comes with following rules and structures. The vicarious joy you can get from pleasing someone else, and tending to their wants.

demon/angel kink idea, sex 

This is independent from any bottom/top or sub/dom binary; bottoming as a demon means moaning, yelling, writhing and demanding more. Bottoming as an angel means following instructions, showing concern, putting in that extra bit of effort to please the top.

A toppy demon acts on pure impulse, pushing the bottom around. A toppy angel, however, is one of the most gentle and attentive lovers you could hope for, giving you *precisely* what you need.

demon/angel kink idea, d/s, sex 

Subby demons are bratty, love conflict, and love being put in their place even more. Dommy ones treat their subs like toys, to be used and enjoyed, chained up and kept in place for easy access.

A subby angel is obedient, first and foremost, and much of the appeal of playing with one comes from pushing them outside of their stoicism. Dommy angels will negotiate and define your service to the fullest extent you'll allow them, shaping and perfecting your submission.

demon/angel kink idea, meta 

This fixes a bunch of things that have always bothered me about this whole sphere of kink, like;

- Corruption = sex = bad and evil (fuck that)
- Angels = no sex = good and pure (fuck that)
- Angels near-exclusively as subs to break, with little content of them staying angelic
- Demons as nebulously lustful (like, yeah, they wanna fuck, that's kinda the point, we get it)
- Allows for way more combinations than normal
- Also kinda separates sex from kink, which can help

demon/angel kink idea, meta, done 

That thread kinda got away from me and went places, sorry

demon/angel kink idea, meta, done 

@BunnieEXE please don't apologize, this is honestly fantastic stuff. i've also wondered what you could do with an angel that stayed angelic.

demon/angel kink idea, meta, done 

@BunnieEXE You absolutely don't need to apologize.

demon/angel kink idea, meta, done 

@BunnieEXE absolutely loving this thread, you should be proud of it!

demon/angel kink idea, d/s, sex 


That moment when you realise you are a subby angel pretending to be a subby demon.

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