queer hypno Discord commentary 

The place is kinda bumping these days, it's handled that last month or so of growth really well I think

Out of all the things I've been tryin to build over these last couple of years I think it's been the biggest success, in terms of like

Percentage of people involved who seem to really like it

It's so nice to have made a space that doesn't depend on large amount of staff to run things, and mostly just has a strong community that actively maintains its ideals

queer hypno Discord commentary 

Like, if people show up who do things in dangerous ways, or subject the community to unpleasantness through neglect, not only does that community have the confidence and experience to take a stand against it, but they're also willing and capable of explaining the problem

All I feel like I really have to do is, like, maintain the core principles that got us to this point in the first place, and implement changes, cause that's how Discord works

queer hypno Discord commentary, the crying emoji is a goof 

Honestly I feel like it's gotten away from me a little bit, like, most of the activity and stuff happens while I'm sleepin and I don't have much to do to there right now but maintenance and the aforementioned changing stuff

My baby's all grown up 😢

queer hypno Discord commentary, pol 

Also I just think it's really neat how basically the entire server is anti-capitalist, I wasn't even building for that

re: queer hypno Discord commentary 

@BunnieEXE i think that it's a wonderful example of the beauty the hypnokink community can be capable of and i thank you for creating it and starting something never before done in the community at-large

queer hypno Discord commentary, pol 

@BunnieEXE I made a Twitter account to share my writing a while ago and it's hard to express my joy at how many hypnokink people I've met who are anti-capitalist

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