early thoughts on Ladykiller in a Bind, nsfw 

Ladykiller in a Bind kinda strikes me as a game that wants to have its cake and eat it too

It goes to some lengths to establish the consensual nature of the kink, while also trying to get the player into it by putting them in a coercive situation?

You can depict non-consensual kink/sex in fiction, but I think if you're doing it in a game you need to be a little smarter than that about where you draw the line between the player and their character


early thoughts on Ladykiller in a Bind, nsfw 

I like some things, the way dialogue options are marked with specific attitudes or emotions kinda reflects the performative aspect of a kink scene, and it helps make it clear to players what a given option is meant to express

And it seems like there's fun opportunities for picking a 'bratty' option, only to have it not quite work out successfully

Aside from that I have minor issues with the character designs (generic) and some of the dialogue

early thoughts on Ladykiller in a Bind, nsfw, unrelated transphobia mention 

If you're making a kink game please don't stop everything to like, use your characters to act out a discussion on what is clearly how you, the author, feel about Fight Cub

I've seen it worse in other kink games, like that one time someone spliced in long ranting journal entries on their feelings about trans people

They were not positive feelings

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