horny item description, doll kink, latex, tf 

A glass milk bottle filled with thick black fluid and labeled "latex doll tf juice"

orgasm denial, chastity, buttplug, knotting, dom dragon she/her, 1st person sub (pet) 

She gently squeezes my slightly bulging nullcage, eliciting a squirm and a needy whine.

"Awww; are you comfortable in your cage, my pet?~," my Dragon teases.

"Yyyes, my Dragon!"

"Lovely~ Now.." She produces a plug, pressing it just lightly against my ass. "Would y-"


"What is that, my pet?"

I give a needy whine. "Please plug me!!"

A pause and a chuckle. "You know you won't be getting off tonight, right, my pet?"

"Yyes, my Dragon!"

"Good pet." She shoves the plug firmly into my ass, flicking a switch to make it knot securely into place as I moan and squirm. "You are going to be so needy for me by the time I decide to use you again~"

I whimper and melt as she wraps her arms tight around me, both of us snuggling into each other as we drift off.

orgasm control, tentacles, she/her dom dragon, 1st person sub with hen and balls 

I'm just sitting down when a red glow suddenly flashes up from my chair, my Dragon summoning a tendril that snakes its way up my skirt. It wraps firmly around my hen and balls and starts to stroke. I squirm, but I'm stuck in place.

"In a few minutes, that tendril is going to lock your cute little hen away, and I haven't decided if you'll get to cum first~," my Dragon teases.

She lifts her hips, letting her cock drip a little on my face. "So you'd better satisfy me fast~"

D/s, hypnosis but can be read otherwise, hypnotic language?, eye contact 

Thinking about when a sub just wants to drop and all they need is permission...

Looking into their eyes and ordering them to "**Drop.**"

corruption, fingering pussy, stroking hen, 1st person 

Reaching into my pussy, wetting my fingers in black ichor,
Using that to stroke their hen, working my ichor into them as they get more aroused,
Building them towards a climax that will feed and set the corruption~

fantasy chastity cage, nullcage, tendrils, genitalia, kink 

A magic nullcage.

It's an inky black layer that locks over the wearer's entire crotch, hiding any genitals behind a little bit of space magic to give a smooth, flush surface, like nullgens.

When the wearer touches it, it doesn't let any feeling through, but if someone else touches it, the cage passes along some of the sensation as if it were skin and stimulates them with tendrils inside the cage. It is also flexible enough in the front that it could be fucked.

The cage keeps its wearer from cumming, however aroused or stimulated they get, unless overridden. If that lock is released and the wearer cums in their cage, the front of the cage will get wet, and the cage will automatically restore the lock preventing orgasm and then tease the wearer as long as there are sexual fluids on the cage's surface.

sex toys re: cum re: fantasy sex toy idea (kink, dildo, locking gag/plug, knotting) 

Another update: This, but it's lipstick / mini bullet vibe size when not in place.

Makes it really easy to carry
And really easy to just slip right into place~

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cum re: fantasy sex toy idea (kink, dildo, locking gag/plug, knotting) 

Alternate version where it steadily leaks cum from the tip while expanded...

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fantasy sex toy idea (kink, dildo, locking gag/plug, knotting) 

A black dildo, like 10cm long and 2cm wide, with a little 6mm diameter brass pin sticking like 8cm out of the base.
When you press it into somewhere, it automatically grows thicker and longer until it's filled the width of the entrance, and then it grows an even wider knot just inside, locking it into place.
You can press the little brass pin to cause it to shrink back down and be removable, but there's a hole in the pin for a padlock, so that it can be locked out, thus preventing the dildo's removal.

work safety / collar (kink) shitpost 

Lock Out Tag Out, but locking a sub's collar to secure them before toying with them.

scene idea, D/s kink, switch/sub scene sorta lead by the sub 

A sub and a subby-leaning switch doing a scene together where the sub is just trying to gently flirt/coax/maybe tease the switch into domming them.

monsterpit repost, hacking kink, powerplay? 

*slaps a brain-machine interface on a programmer*
Congratulations; you're a cyborg now~

monsterpit repost, gentle D/s, 1st person, harmless fire 

Veins of fire flow from her fingertip, wrapping around me. The flames lick at my skin, squeezing gently. I shut my eyes. My owner kisses my forehead and whispers in my ear. "Sleep well, my loyal servant." I feel my consciousness start to slip away, my surroundings fading from my awareness. I feel my owner's strong binds and arms around me. I am warm, happy. The last thought left in my mind, before I fall asleep, is the warmth of our love.

monsterpit repost: chastity cage, slime/ink partner, 2nd person sub, tentacles, kink, genitals 

Your partner sealed you in a chastity cage made out of their own slime/ink,
And now they can tease you with little tendrils whenever they like~

song lyrics, corruption kink, sex may be implied 

> Oh dear, let me see those smoky eyes
> 'cause you're a villainous thing,
> and we can't have you living a lie
> Oh dear, let's remove those pretty clothes
> 'cause you're a villainous thing,
> and I don't think anyone knows

- "Villainous Thing" - Shayfer James

monsterpit repost: claws, D/s kink, 2nd person 

Thinking about when a powerful creature very lightly teases your skin with their claws,
How it just reminds you that they're so strong and sharp, and you're so helpless, but they'll take good care of you.

kink, genitals, 2nd person sub has shaft, dom Dragon (she/her), magic tendrils, knotting/gagging, D/s, collar, orgasm control, aftercare not shown 

Your Dragon is looming over you, her collar heavy around your neck and her eyes locked with yours, quickly stroking your shaft.

"You're **mine,**" she says, summoning magic tendrils to wrap firmly around your ankles, pulling your legs apart and making the tendrils start to climb your legs, squeezing against your inner thighs, "and I'm going to make you cum for me~"

"Yes, my Dra- mmmph"

The tendrils wrap around your chest, merge, and plunge into your mouth, cutting you off. Your Dragon smirks down at you as the tendrils knot in your mouth, sending you over the edge.


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