monsterpit repost: chastity cage, slime/ink partner, 2nd person sub, tentacles, kink, genitals 

Your partner sealed you in a chastity cage made out of their own slime/ink,
And now they can tease you with little tendrils whenever they like~

song lyrics, corruption kink, sex may be implied 

> Oh dear, let me see those smoky eyes
> 'cause you're a villainous thing,
> and we can't have you living a lie
> Oh dear, let's remove those pretty clothes
> 'cause you're a villainous thing,
> and I don't think anyone knows

- "Villainous Thing" - Shayfer James

monsterpit repost: claws, D/s kink, 2nd person 

Thinking about when a powerful creature very lightly teases your skin with their claws,
How it just reminds you that they're so strong and sharp, and you're so helpless, but they'll take good care of you.

kink, genitals, 2nd person sub has shaft, dom Dragon (she/her), magic tendrils, knotting/gagging, D/s, collar, orgasm control, aftercare not shown 

Your Dragon is looming over you, her collar heavy around your neck and her eyes locked with yours, quickly stroking your shaft.

"You're **mine,**" she says, summoning magic tendrils to wrap firmly around your ankles, pulling your legs apart and making the tendrils start to climb your legs, squeezing against your inner thighs, "and I'm going to make you cum for me~"

"Yes, my Dra- mmmph"

The tendrils wrap around your chest, merge, and plunge into your mouth, cutting you off. Your Dragon smirks down at you as the tendrils knot in your mouth, sending you over the edge.


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